Providing Individual and Couples Psychotherapy

Realize your dreams...

  • Do you feel sad and immobilized much of the time?
  • Do you pull away from friends and family and have trouble relating?

Feel better regularly and move forward on your goals.

  • Do you feel anxious and full of stress much of the time?
  • Do you have sudden panic attacks with distressing physical symptoms?

Feel more at ease in every situation and free yourself from fear.

  • Are your relationships characterized by too much conflict, lack of understanding, or not enough intimacy and communication?
  • Are you lonely and frustrated in efforts to form closer, lasting friendships?

Start forming better relationships now and replace conflict with harmony.


Psychotherapy can help you overcome depression and anxiety. It can help you form and keep better quality relationships. Work one-on-one with a psychotherapist to understand your inner conflicts and learn how to resolve them. Couples or group work can also help you improve communication with others to form and keep better relationships. I will tailor your treatment to your specific needs and goals.

Start feeling better now.

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